We are a wholesale specialised in selling tropical fishes, alive and frozen food, and aquatic plants. We deliver these goods from our truck, straight to your door in the UK on a weekly basis. You can receive our actual stock list of tropical fishes on a weekly basis, but the tropical fish are only delivered by order. We also have a weekly special, which may be of interest to you!

In the event that we cannot deliver to you personally with our truck, we will make sure that we ship your order on Monday so you can expect delivery by Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. This counts for both fishes and plants.

We are Marcel and Henriette Pellekooren, born and raised in Boskoop, The Netherlands. Boskoop is a town which is well known for its wide variety of nurseries. We are married for almost 25 years and have worked at the nurseries since the beginning of our working career.

In 2001 we decided to take the leap to start selling water/aquatic plants in the UK by truck. In the mean time we also started our own nursery, specialized in pond baskets. Throughout the years we have made a lot of contacts and created a solid client base.

In 2015 we had the opportunity to take over the company of Lies Wijnhorst. From the start we loved this business!

Our old nursery is now taken over by Aqua Sifra, the water plant nursery of our brother-in-law. This gives us the opportunity to have full focus on our new business.